The Magician – Tarot of Sacred Realms

The Magician reveals to The Fool the contents of his bag, which is the Pentacle, the Wand, the Sword and the Cup, the four functions of man: The instinctive, the moving, the intellectual and the emotional. The knowledge that the Magician reveals to The Fool creates a certain center that strives to reach spiritual development.

The Magician symbolizes the “first force,” the active force that initiates the beginning and The Fool does indeed embark on a different path. If he previously walked on paths that were not meant for him and turned everywhere his passions led him, now he’s trying to create his own path.

The four Functions

The Pentacles: Represent the instinctive center.
Its functions are responsible for everything related to the inner functions of the human organism: food digestion, heart action, breathing, etc. It is also responsible for the senses such as vision, hearing, smell, touch, and other senses that we will talk about later. Also, the function is related to our psychology which is affected by it on many levels.

The Wands: Represent the moving center.
Its functions are responsible for movement such as walking, dancing, driving and mental movement carried out by the imagination.

The Swords: Represent the intellectual center.
Its functions are responsible for ideas, the comparison between them, the invention of real or imaginary explanations and more.

The Cups: Represent the emotional center.
Its functions are responsible for feelings and relationships between people:
hatred, joy, grief and more.

At this point we will be content with this minimal description, later we will examine the functions in a much deeper way, and we will understand more the role of the Magician.