Eight of Water (Cups)

The Eight of Water (Cups) is a part of the King of  Water (Cups) so the King’s qualities can be added to the interpretation.

The Eight of Water (Cups) may be used as a temporary bank of emotions which store partial insights that Ten of Water (Cups) needs to quickly retrieve for further processing.

The Eight of Water (Cups) will be difficult to identify as an emotional part because he is usually relaxed and a bit remote.

The eight of Water (Cups) is the section containing impressions, associated with high influences. These influences create within the emotional center, a mechanism that tends to seek additional sources related to high influences.

This attraction to high influences allows for healthy vision and understanding of what can benefit us in spiritual development.
In this way, one can leave behind him, the factors that bind him and not allow him to develop spiritually and move forward in finding factors that can benefit him.

If this mechanism is poorly created and malfunctioning, the search for additional sources related to high influences will not stop. The goal instead of finding the source will become to search it again and again.
Whenever a person finds this source, he will immediately pursue his search again and again.
Or the search will continue because the person will not recognize the source.

In daily life, If the Six of Water (Cups) decides that his relationship with another person is harmful, he will cut off this relationship in a negative way, with a lot of drama and chaos. It would be tough to find a bit of common sense in all this turmoil. The Eight of Water (Cups) is not offended or judgmental. He merely identifies a relationship that can be harmful, and without making too much fuss about it, he decides to stop them and move forward.