Five of Pentacles – Tarot of Self Reflections

The motor part of the Queen of Pentacles. The Five of Pentacles owns the list of needs of the Queen of Pentacles. All that the Queen of Pentacles lacks and wants. That is to say most of the physical things that the Queen considers necessary, which she “does not” own.

Five of Pentacles – Tarot of Self Reflections

This list can contain topics such as money, home, work, health, socioeconomic status, physical ease, and general physical satisfaction.
Sometimes this is a highly subjective list, meaning that it is only a subjective feeling that things are missing.Of course, everything is relative: it can be a list of a person who lacks anything or a list of a person who feels the need for more. He could have a lot of property, but he felt he had nothing.

Despite the list, the person represented by this card will be less interested in the topics listed in this list. You can not say that these topics do not interest him at all, but those who particularly appreciate this list are – Six and Seven of Pentacles. The Five of Pentacles, basically used as the list keeper, and as a sensory bank, where all the sensation of the Queen of Pentacles are stored.

In general, he himself is economical and does not waste much energy or money, as No. 6 tends to spend. Some would say that he really avoided luxury.