Six of Air (Swords)

This card represents the emotional part of the Queen of Air (Swords).

The Six of Air (Swords) is responsible for passion for knowledge and curiosity, contentment, the desire to understand more, the satisfaction of learning and enjoyment of speech.


Six of Air (Swords) is passionate about knowledge, ideas, and theories.

Like the other 6 cards, the Six of Swords also suffers from instability.

He can be very enthusiastic about a subject, give it time and attention, study and research it, and then suddenly for no apparent reason, this subject will start to bore him. And he will move with the same enthusiasm to another subject. That’s exactly what we see in this card.

On one side of the card we can see rushing water, and on the other side quiet water, this is indicative of both sides of the Six of Swords, and at any moment he can find herself on one side or the other (instability).

The water represents, the emotional part of the intellectual center.
With the help of that emotional part, the Six of Air (Swords) leave a subject, sailing towards a subject that excites him more.

The Six of Air (Swords) love to study with a company.
The Six of Air (Swords) enjoys speech, and he will be happy to talk and exchange ideas.

Six of Swords – Tarot of Self Reflections