The first two steps of 4/5 Elements Meditation.

Arcane Glyphs Tarot


First step
We would need a quiet and isolated place, without people and disturbances, I would choose an isolated beach, but I would settle for a quiet room. It is better to wear comfortable and wide clothes, which will not bother during meditation, and it is best to meditate a few hours after a meal or before a meal. It is possible to sit in an oriental or Lotus sitting, and for those who are more comfortable, you can sit on a chair. After I sat down and found the comfortable posture, I began to relax my muscles. At first my feet, when I constrict my toes and release them, after several twists and turns I move to another part, my ankles, constricting and releasing them. So I go through all the parts of my body until I reach my face and head. Here there are muscles that contract most of the time without us noticing it. Eyes, lips, and jaw. I will contract and release the muscles in my face, and I will end with opening my mouth and stretching my lips in different directions.
If during the release of your muscles, you will feel that there is a cramped muscle that you can not access, continue to practice and only after you have finished, try to imagine the same muscle or area that you could not release, in your mind’s. Gוve it all your attention, try to feel it. After a short experience and concentration, you will feel warm in the area, and a little while later a tingling. Keep concentrating on it as long as you can direct the concentration force to it. After this experience, you will find that you can control this area of ​​your body and that you can now shrink and release it as well.
At this point, we will stop our practice. We will regenerate it every day until we feel that we have succeeded in reaching a good relaxation of our body.

Second step
The opposite of a regular imagination, which is almost continuously active and self-managed, we can create conscious imagination by conscious effort, and use it for our own purposes. I briefly outlined this exercise when we relaxed our muscles and bumped into one muscle or another we could not relax.
All we have to do is sit down, and try to concentrate on a point in our head. We must turn our attention to that point like we do not have a body other than that point. We will try to sense the point and at the same time imagine it in our mind. Some practitioners imagine the region or point in different colors; the colors of the rainbow, it helps to focus attention even more.
When we can focus on a point in a good way, we will feel warm in the same area, and then feel itching. We will focus on the point for a minute and then increase it to a larger area, for example: to the forehead and the neck. Now we will move our attention to the enlarged area, including the initial point. Whenever we achieve focus, warming and tingling, we increase the area until we move and add all our bodies. This exercise can be started from the legs and end in the head. (I find it easier that way).
It is recommended to practice the first and second steps every day until the desired result is achieved.
If at some point this practice makes you feel bad, you should immediately stop practicing!